Hi, I’m Will. In my undergrad I studied studio art and realized that a lot of my artwork had a strong connection with the emotional landscape in me. Through therapy I learned how to express myself, create healthy boundaries as well as show up for myself and others in a meaningful way. I got my graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University where I learned how to teach others how to “show up” for themselves and others too.

I have experience treating a variety of issues from anxiety and depression to suicidal ideation or self-esteem. Everyone has their own unique struggles but the good news is that there is hope for every situation.

I work mostly with children, teens and young adults. The methods I use are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, play therapy and mindfulness techniques. If you feel that you could benefit from counseling I would love to have a free 15 minute phone call to see if I might be a good match to help you meet your therapeutic goals!

Building a Foundation of Confidence

Fostering a Secure Environment

Partnering for Personal Growth 




My Values

Find Your Purpose

Gain Confidence

Develop Coping Strategies

Discover Personal Strengths

Improve Relationship Dynamics

Address Behavioral Challenges

Navigate Life Transitions

Heal Trauma

1:1 Individualized Support to Help You Thrive

“Will was so caring and helpful to my 7-year old son who was working through managing anxiety symptoms after a traumatic incident. My son looked forward to his sessions and diligently worked on his “homework” between sessions because of the clear and effective way Will listened to his story, explained coping techniques, and encouraged him to be strong, confident, and brave. Our family is very thankful to have been able to work with Will and I recommend him to so many people I talk to.”


"I went to Will for a little over a year. And in that year he has been exceptional. He has helped me learn how to deal with the issues that have plagued me for most my life, he taught me ways to cope and manage my feelings and thoughts in a way no other therapist has done. I have nothing but praise for how he handled me. He was very kind and listened, he learned what helped me the best and used it to forward my goal to having a sound mind! I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling!"


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