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Will McDonald (LPC-A)

Welcome to Roots Therapy, where healing begins and growth flourishes. I'm Will McDonald, your dedicated therapist.

My therapeutic approach is truly eclectic—I don't subscribe to one rigid method. Instead, I tailor each session to meet the unique and individual needs of every client. 

Whether it's Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused approaches, or elements of Play Therapy, my goal is to create a customized and effective path to well-being. My practice is built on a warm and friendly approach, fostering an instant connection of trust. 


Empowering Youth Through Adversity: A Supportive Beacon for Tomorrow

Amidst the challenges of recent years, mental health is a top priority for our young people. COVID-19, school closures, political discord, and social media have contributed to a global decline in mental well-being. In times like these, young individuals seek to understand themselves, show up confidently, and find purpose.

Therapy offers more than healing past trauma; it provides stability and a secure space for self-discovery amid uncertainty. If you find the future daunting or the past holds you back, consider therapy as a transformative step. I collaborate with the younger generation, devising solutions tailored to them. Click below to schedule a free 15-minute call and explore if I'm the right fit for your needs. 

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“Will was so caring and helpful to my 7-year old son who was working through managing anxiety symptoms after a traumatic incident. My son looked forward to his sessions and diligently worked on his “homework” between sessions because of the clear and effective way Will listened to his story, explained coping techniques, and encouraged him to be strong, confident, and brave. Our family is very thankful to have been able to work with Will and I recommend him to so many people I talk to.”


"I went to Will for a little over a year. And in that year he has been exceptional. He has helped me learn how to deal with the issues that have plagued me for most my life, he taught me ways to cope and manage my feelings and thoughts in a way no other therapist has done. I have nothing but praise for how he handled me. He was very kind and listened, he learned what helped me the best and used it to forward my goal to having a sound mind! I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling!"


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